BMW CCC iDrive Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Kit (Wireless)

Original price was: NZD$800.Current price is: NZD$650.

BMW CCC iDrive (2004 – 2009)
1. It’s plug and play, no special coding nor activations demanded.
2. enjoy iDrive control, steering wheel buttons control when you’re driving
3. BMW original proxy OEM integration.



Works with Apple CarPlay
connect via lighting cable (wired keep your phone charged at the same time)
Screen Mirroring Function for Android
GPS navigation Apps, Waze and Apple Maps are all available, live traffic information
Spotify,Apple Music, Amazon through factory media, lyrics show on display for some apps.
Voice control by saying .:Hey Siri…
Aftermarket front/rear/360 camera input. (Dynamic guidance lines are supported)
USB flash drive to play music and videos by connect USB port from CarPlay kit
EQ audio quality. choose your favorite style freely (Pop, Rock, Soft, Standard..)
Full OEM buttons control.

Plug & play installation, no need to cut cable or disassemble original screen
steering wheel control
Button Control: button control to switch between original menu and Carplay menu, after switch to Carplay menu, you can use the Siri functions to free your hands. You can also choose the apps, pre/next program and setup the volume by buttons.

Steering Wheel Control: Use your buttons on SWC to switch to SIRI, you can use the buttons on the SWC to answer/hang a phone, choose apps, pre/next program and setup the volume.

Siri Voice Control: After switch to Carplay menu, you can use Siri voice control to make call, listen to music, navigation, reply message, etc..

More fun, safer with Carplay
Siri voice control to reply message
Siri voice control to make a phone call
Siri voice control to play music
Siri voice control to set the navigation destination and use the real time maps to know about the traffic status

1x Carplay Multimedia Interface ( NO DISPLAY INCLUDED!)

The CCC Carplay system we have been tested was 6.5″ and 8.8″ screen display, and the resolution type was 400*240 or 640*240.
BMW E60 — (2004–2010) 5 Series Sedan
BMW E61 — (2004–2007) 5 Series Wagon
BMW E62 — (2004–2007) 5 Series Protection
BMW E63 — (2004–2010) 6 Series Coupé
BMW E64 — (2004–2010) 6 Series convertible
BMW E65 — (2001–2007) 7 Series short
BMW E66 — (2001–2007) 7 Series long
BMW E67 — (2001–2007) 7 Series Protection
BMW E68 — (2005–2007) Hydrogen 7
BMW E6x — M series Models
BMW E70 — (2007–2011) X5 Sports Vehicle
BMW E71 — (2008-2011) X6 Sports Coupe
BMW E72 — (2009-2011) X6 Hybrid Sports Activity
BMW E81 — (2007–2011) three-door hatchback
BMW E82 — (2007–2011) two-door coupe (1M)
BMW E83 — (2004–2011) X3 Sports Vehicle
BMW E84 — (2009–present) X1 Sports Vehicle
BMW E85 — (2003–2008) Z4 Roadster
BMW E86 — (2006–2008) Z4 Coupé
BMW E87 — (2004–2012) 1 Series (5-door)
BMW E88 — (2008-present) 1 Series Convertible
BMW E89 — (2009-present) Z4 Roadster
BMW E90 — (2005–2011) 3 Series Sedan
BMW E91 — (2005–2011) 3 Series Wagon