7D Dried Mangoes

“Possibly The BEST In The WORLD”

Country of Origin: Philippines

7D Dried Mangoes is the most sought after brand of dried mangoes in the World.

A top seller in many of the supermarkets and grocery outlets we supply.

7D does not sell under any other brand.

7D does not OEM its products.

7D started out in the 1960s as a major supplier of fresh mangoes in the Philippines and went on to produce dried mangoes using a special drying technology that resulted in dried mangoes that were soft and chewy instead of hard and dry.

The secret behind 7D dried mangoes starts with the selection of the choicest fresh mangoes from their plantation. Only mangoes that are ripened enough to give you that rich mango flavour are used to produce the dried mangoes. The fresh mangoes are then naturally processed with the finest cane sugar for that appealing sweet sour taste that makes 7D so special.

Finally the mangoes are dried just enough to attain the chewiness and great mango flavour you savour with every bite.

Business Story

To provide innovative and competitive products and services that adheres to global quality and safety standards

Philippine based 7D is one of the Asia's leading producers of high grade and choicest fresh mangoes and other mango products dealing from local to international markets.

In meeting local and export demands, 7D procured not only from mango-abundant Cebu island but also in such different parts of the Philippines.

Using Filipino technology, 7D management extended in 1978 its line of product by manufacturing dried mangoes, mango juice, mango candy and mango puree, — thru scientifically extensive research and development.

7D Mangoes has become an institution renowned in the Philippines and abroad.

  1. Jan, 1972
    Was founded as the private company for growing and selling mangoes
  2. Jan, 1978
    Start sales in Cebu and Manila, exports to international markets as Australia, Honkong, Singapore and UK
  3. Jan, 1985
    Research and development new product: mix mango and tamarind. The birth of unique product Mangorind. Start of producing mango nectar
  4. Jan, 1994
    Gold Trophy of Quality Award in the VIII International Europe in Paris

  5. Jan, 2005
    Start of construction of allocated production line in Japan
  6. Jan, 2013
    Open new factory ,increasing productions' capacity

  7. Jan, 2014
    Reseiving certificates ISO9001,HACCP,GMP,ISO22000
  8. Jan, 2017
    Start of salling two new products: mango coating chocolate, mix mango&pineapple